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The importance of gifts in our social lives cannot be overstated. Relationships with others are built through them. At our festivals, we give each other special gifts. It’s a part of life to give and receive gifts on special occasions like Eid, birthdays, and holidays. They tell the world about our feelings for one another. Some presents are provided for financial reasons. An officer’s subordinate can acquire his trust by presenting him with a special gift. Bribes are offered in the form of special gifts. Nobody in society likes receiving gifts like these. The giving and receiving of gifts is a significant part of our religious tradition. It has been emphasized by the Prophet (PBUH) that exchanging presents is essential. To foster a sense of community, he has urged us to give each other gifts.

Special Gifts delivered as bribes, on the other hand, do not affect affection. They are a manifestation of our narcissistic tendencies. They are supplied in exchange for financial gain. The best presents come from the heart and reveal our true character and honesty. Couples, lovers, and students all benefit from their power to bring love into the world. A person’s generosity should not be used for personal gain. When it comes to choosing a special gift, it can be a daunting task. Overwhelming someone with what they already have is a bad idea. On the occasion of a friend’s marriage, we present him with a plethora of silver button hooks. There is no such thing as a “special gift” in the exchange of household goods between families.

They don’t have any surprises in store for you. Some people buy presents for their loved ones and deliver them to them directly from the store. To put it simply, this is a business, just like any other automated method of delivering goods.

Special Gift-giving is an art form, and our gifts must convey two things.

  • First and foremost, they must meet the requirements of our close family and special friends.
  • To begin with, they must be our creations. They have to be a part of our nature, or they wouldn’t exist.

It’s rude to expect something as a present. For it to be truly unexpected, it should not resemble a commercial transaction at all. The gift-character giver’s temperament should be reflected in it. It is appropriate to express gratitude for even the tiniest of gestures, no matter how minor. No one should be discouraged from giving small presents such as flowers, branches of trees, perfume, or rose petals. They are also recalled by the recipient with a sense of gratitude and emotional attachment.

As a sign of affection, trust, and friendliness, gifts are given. They help us fall in love with each other. They evoke memories and feelings in us. They elicit a response from us in terms of our emotions or generosity. When we give a gift, we bring out the best in ourselves. They humble us and assist us in letting go of our conceit and self-importance. To assist us to overcome our prejudices and irrational thoughts and feelings, we are compelled to give gifts to those close to us out of genuine love for them.

It is customary to deliver gifts during such events, which are typically followed by applauding and the cutting of icing on cakes and other confections. Special Gifts are given to both the bride and the groom on the eve of marriage. Photographs are taken as a keepsake for the individual.

When the groom meets the bride for the first time, he gives her a gift, usually a necklace or something equally valuable. It is expected that the groom if he hails from a wealthy family, will give a special present to his future wife. Our culture has embraced this practice. Even the most destitute give their newlyweds a low-quality gift. In the shape of roll-gold adornments, it could be.

Gifts given to children are influenced by their family’s financial situation. Some landowners give their daughters horses, livestock, land, and even vehicles as gifts. By doing so, they flaunt their money, wealth that will keep the lower echelons of society in perpetual frustration. This sociological tendency is a problem in our culture.

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Gifts, in Bacon’s view, should be commensurate to the receivers’ actual requirements rather than excessive. A person should not waste time and money on ostentation and show. The spirit behind even the smallest gifts is what matters most in life; therefore, even the smallest gifts are gifts. On the eve of someone’s birthday, a book is an ideal present to offer friends and family members.

A collection of books about history, literature, and other social subjects is a reservoir of man’s collected knowledge. Books open up new ways of thinking to men and thus enrich the human intellect. Those who enjoy reading are frequently spotted at bookshops.


Special Gift for a Person

Giving and receiving gifts is always beneficial to both parties involved, and one present that I will cherish for the rest of my life is having a daughter. One more option would be an anniversary present from my wife. These presents will always have a special place in my heart because they had such an impact on my life. Remembering things is not unique to humans, but our physiology explains it better than any other living creature. We all have a specific area in our brains for truly memorable things.

In some circumstances, the gift itself is more important than the recipient. A good illustration of this is a student who has been recognized as the year’s top cadet. Such youthful presents are likely to have a lasting impact on the recipient. It’s also possible to get influential presents in the form of an item or a living being that you will cherish for years to come. In my situation, the puppy I received from my mother at the age of fifteen went on to become my dearest buddy for many years to come. As the last example, imagine a mediocre person being given a costly car, which was out of his or her reach at all points in his or her life, as an example. Some gifts, such as an expensive car, have a place in our memories because of their market value or price, despite the advice that gifts should not be priced or counted.

People tend to recall gifts with sentimental value, as evidenced by the examples provided. We are comprised of such complex emotional attachments to objects or things that could please us that this process is a natural aspect of human natur. A fresh day will begin with another sunrise the following morning. There will be billions of people who wake up to yet another day like the millions that have come before it, and the millions that they expect to come after it. A few people, though, will be able to discern something more meaningful in this mass of humanity. Some will be motivated to take up leadership roles and become change agents as a result of this rare opportunity. They’ll come to know that this particular day is one of a kind and that nothing will ever be quite like it again. As a result of this, they’ll realize that they can alter their circumstances. When faced with the alternative of being or doing something else, they will take the initiative.

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